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The Puzzle Quests: Sketchy Dinosaurs Book Three

The Puzzle Quests: Sketchy Dinosaurs Book Three


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Book releases on December 1, 2019

Something lurks in 12-year-old Mark’s bedroom. When he sees what has hatched from the rock he took from Dino Island in the world of Dragonia, he knows he has set a dangerous string of events in motion. Although he is thrilled to be reunited with his best friend Luke, Mark’s effort to return this extinct creature ignites an old war between dragons and dinosaurs. Soon, however, Mark and the Dragonian Knights confront this world’s biggest threat--the malicious brothers Tim and Tam and their fierce army of prehistoric Quetz Fighters. Will Mark have the confidence to lead his team and bring this baby dinosaur back where it belongs before it’s too late for everyone?

Sketchy Dinosaurs is the third book in The Puzzle Quests’ series of adventures that span across time and generations.

Believe in yourself.

Audience: (Ages 8-12)

Series: The Puzzle Quests

Paperback: 242 pages

Publisher: Highland Mountain Publishing, first edition (December 1, 2019)

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0-9776912-5-8

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