Janine DeTillio Cammarata


Eyes of the Goddess: Book Two of The Fianna Cycle

Eyes of the Goddess: Book Two of The Fianna Cycle


The adventurous Fianna Cycle continues as the leader of the Elite Fianna, Maecha Ruadh mac Art, must leave her beloved third century Celtic Ireland to rescue her father, the High King Cormac mac Art from the Picts of Scotland. Her treacherous brother, Cairpre, remains behind to take over the kingdom of Tara for Akir the Fire Lord, who desires both Maecha and her sword, Imbas Skye. On her journey Maecha encounters fantastic mythological characters such as Mananna’n mac Lir, God of the Sea and Scathach, the Warrior Goddess. Training both body and mind, Maecha learns that you can’t always control your destiny, but how you react to it defines you.

Building a new life in the Catskills, martial artist Michaela Sommers is still deeply tied to her ancient Irish counterpart, Maecha. Now she must help 10-year-old Natalie Fischer understand what her dreams of an evil presence and a Celtic druid mean for her own future. Two women, whose destinies are united against time, share their collective skills and strengths to protect their families.

Audience: (Middle School/Young adult +)

Series: Fianna Cycle

Paperback: 335 pages

Publisher: Highland Mountain Publishing; First edition (2010)

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0977691210

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