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History of Highland Mountain Publishing


History of Highland Mountain Publishing

Highland Mountain Publishing Logo

Highland Mountain Publishing was created in 2006 as a single author independent publisher. Highland Road was where I lived most of my childhood in Greenville, NY. The Catskill Mountains were a glorious backdrop to our backyard and the outline of the mountains is captured in my logo.

Independent publishing or small press is a term used for publishers that are not part of large publishing companies. In addition to writing my books, I hire an editor, proofreader, and illustrator to make my books the best they can be. A printer and binder prepare the book for its final product. I am also responsible for marketing and publicizing my book. I basically do everything a larger publisher would do except I don’t publish other people’s work.

When a book moves me I will work with other authors and ghost write, edit, or proofread their work.

Past projects:

White Wings by Claire R. Dwyer (The Troy Book Makers)

Gillinder & Sons Early American Westward Ho Pattern Glass by Leonard Farchione (Westward Ho Publishing)

A Master’s Path by Penelope Jewell (Adirondack Press, Inc.)

Generation Now by Brian McKenna (Northshire Bookstore)

No One Rises Alone by Scott Baker (The Troy Book Makers).