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Sketchy Dinosaurs-Seventh Draft

 sketchydinosaursSeventh Draft. The first draft was started in November of 2018. Anything worth while takes time, patience, dedication, and heart. It's not always easy when we hit snags, dead ends, and roadblocks. The hardest part is to keep going. If you believe in what you are writing, the dream you are pursuing, the goal you are attaining, then the work has to be done.I have said this to myself multiple times in writing all of my drafts. Writing and publishing a book a year, even for middle grade, takes a determined schedule and lots of support from my beta readers, editors, and family. I am happy to say that book three--The Puzzle Quests: Sketchy Dinosaurs--is almost done!I am editing the seventh draft by looking at the smaller details. Chapter lengths, descriptions of characters, themes, punctuation, typos, consistency. This version is with my trusty librarians at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library to check reading level. Once this version is done, it will go to a professional proofreader. It's very difficult to proofread and edit my own book. I know what words are coming next and no matter how much I slow down, my eyes hop over words.The sketch of the book cover is done, so now the rough draft is in the works. I've connected with Troy Book Makers who will layout the book and print it, and my new website is in the works.stephenwebsiteEven with how far I am in the book, the published version won't be until December, so put it on your list for holiday shopping! Save the date for my book launch party at The Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library on December 8 from 1:30-3:00pm! Other events to follow as well!Never give up on your dream!