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Ease into Transitions

I've been looking forward to Spring as has everyone else. I just want to jump into the nice weather and forget about the cold.In yoga class our instructor, Jeannine, talked about transitions, not only into the next season, but also into the next yoga pose. Each transition is just as important as the pose.We moved slowly from downward facing dog rolling our bodies into plank, being present and conscious of each move. I noticed my foundation and sense of place.I paid closer attention to each moment and moved slower easing into the transition.When she asked us to ponder about how easing through the transition could translate into life, two aha moments occurred.I am editing the third draft of my middle grade novel--The Puzzle Quests: Sketchy Dinosaurs. My editor, Karen Knowles, did a developmental edit and I'm updating the manuscript with those changes. I have definite lack of transitions in my book. The reader doesn't want to be jolted from one scene to another. They need that transition to a sense of place, intention or action. They have to be grounded in the story to keep them reading.This resonated with me after class. I want my reader to be excited about my book and not have to work too hard to transition to the next chapter or scene. Being aware of this will allow me to incorporate slower and more meaningful transitions.Then I thought about my life. When I make changes, I tend to get so fed up or frustrated that I make a spontaneous decision which disrupts more than it improves. I am in the midst of a transition right now with increasing my writing and teaching while phasing out of my involvement in foundation fundraising.In order for the transition to be smooth, I need the time to adjust and be OK with this change and also ease others into their new roles, so they have a strong foundation to stand on.Just like in yoga if we rush into a balancing pose, we have a greater risk of falling out. While it's OK to fall, the benefits of moving slower with a solid foundation makes easing into transitions worthwhile and beneficial to everyone involved.Life forces us to change. Sometimes it's a shove; sometimes it's barely noticed. Easing in and making a conscious choice to change and grow allows us to enjoy every moment.