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Life and times of a motorcycle, yoga, writing momma.

The Ocean's Heartbreak

You think you know meSo safe in my calm demeanorIt elevates your trustSoothes your overactive mind. miamibeach4.18.2I lure you with promisesOf warmth and comfortCome further into my lapping armsLet down your guard and let me in.I give and you takeIt's always been that wayYou are lulled into thisFalse send of complacency.Then when I needYou are not thereYou walk away not willing to giveIn this one-sided relationship.So I swell and I acheI rage within at the unfairnessUntil my emotions burst forwardAnd I am no longer calm.miamibeach4.18I am chaos unleashedAs my anger lifts into waves of despairMy colors reflect my emotion, my disappointmentMy unwillingness to remain still and let you have your way.miamibeach4.18.4So Out! Out with your fakingYour convenient lovemakingI soar and I flowI ride the waves of my freedom.If you stay, I will take you underand plunder that wretched heartThat never put me firstI will no longer take part in your selfishness.miamibeach4.18.3I rise. I rise until what I wasIs no longer hereUntil I am washed cleanOf all that was you.Then I calm. I am soothedI no longer feel battered and abusedAnd I wait to seeWho may finally love me for me.miamibeach4.18.5