Janine DeTillio Cammarata

Artist Statement - Journaling


Artist Statement – Journaling

Journaling has been a part of my life since I was 12 years old and kept track of my daily life in what was then called a diary. Over the years it has evolved into a history tracking of my family, a memoir to my sons, scrapbooks including photos, and words. Over the past eleven years, my journaling has been an anchor that has kept me afloat during great loss.

Journaling encompasses multiple art forms from daily events, junk journaling, goal setting, tracking, accountability, and calendar. But it can also be transformative, life changing, as well as life saving. Journaling helps us figure out what matters.

I provide the tools for others to become aware of their fears, blocks, life purpose, anger, emotions, and ability to heal themselves. Creativity can be healing, and a journal is a sacred space where honesty and continual practice can help a person in any way needed. By sharing this art with others, journal practitioners can do more than write about what they did in their day. It creates the space where they can reflect, question, release frustration, and either change where they want to be the next day or validate that they are on the right path.